The Mediated Mind is a project that attempts to visualise, through mediated means, the state of the mind in the moment of mediation.

I’m in a constant search of interesting, accurate or new formats and mediums through which to express my state of mind. Straying away from traditional means of expressing ones state of mind, like text and speech, I try to explore the affordances of other mediums that will allow me to give a more precise and complex portrayal of my mind.

Through the use of technology and performance I want the viewer to grasp the experience of my experience. My experience with PNES and ADHD causes a constant stream of thoughts and impulses which makes for a messy, complicated, overwhelming cognition constantly analysing itself.

I mediate my experience through video, code and performance. My setups include several screens, each streaming from a different camera which I manually control and adjust throughout the performance. I layer multiple streams by projecting them on top of each other; this creates distorted collage visuals which shift and shape as my perception and attention shiftes. The constant manual adjusting of the different cameras is a constant performance aspect. The chaotic while systematic obsession of the camera and the image mirrors the obsessive nature of certain self analytical thoughts, which spiral into self deprecation, self hate, unhealthy self love and obsession – the analysis of my own mind is inevitable. The careful handling of the cameras is semiotically equivalent to my selfanalysis, and exists on the fine line between self torture and self care.

The Mediated Mind II was performed at CrossArtLive 5, hosted and curated by Projekt:Vækstlag9000, in collaboration with actress Emma Bjørnstrup, musician Erik Lunde Michaelsen & sound artist Frederik Melving Vigil Hansen.