APRIL 2020

Art Based Research Protocol developed following Inga Gerner Nielsens methodology your individual arts-based research protocol

Contributions explored as part of EutopiaDystopia


I chose my memory. Every day I chose a new medium before recalling the memory.

I sat on my bed, knees folded against my chest and my arms wrapped around them – this is the position my body was in at the time the memory took place, and helped enforce somatic remembrance.

I closed my eyes and visualized the memory around me:

Niels sitting across from me

The train moving and transporting us at high speed

The two girls standing a little away

The seizure which turned it all quiet and hazed

As I fall into the memory I feel it in and around me.

Once in tune with the memory, I open my eyes and resort to my chosen medium. The creation process is like assembling a puzzle of preconceived notions of the memory and medium, instant associations and exploratory discoveries.

Each medium came to visualize a different layer of the memory; each day I would peel back the newly formed skin and experience new levels I didn’t expect to find. Each day I would grow more conscious of my physical, emotional and cognitive state of mind at the time of the memory.

Half a year later, I applied my method again. The memory seems so intimate now, somehow. It’s so vivid, so up-close, yet not as overwhelming as it was 6 months ago. It’s been demystified, while still retaining a thin veil of the unknown – like the peel of a kiwi: I know it’s edible, I just have to stomach up the courage to swallow the unsavory skin.


Oil pastels
Simulation Exercise